Specialty Cutting

Alliance Energy Services is a market leader for custom cutting and related specialty solutions for the energy industry. An overview of our service capabilities include:

  • Cold Cutting
  • Valve Drilling
  • Torque and Bolting Solutions
  • Hot Tap (Multi-String)
  • Internal Abrasive Cutting
  • Field Machining, Precision Lathe Solutions
  • Custom Solutions and light fabrication

Our group of professionals have been servicing our industry IFO for the past 7 years while successfully making over 30,000 topside and subsea cuts. Our equipment range complements our proven ability and includes:

  • Topside and Subsea Diamond Wire Saws (4" - 96")
  • Modular Diamond Wire Saws (for non-standard and custom applications)
  • Abrasive Cutting Tools
  • Magnetic Drills
  • Dual Drills / Pinning
  • Split frame cutters & precision field lathes
  • Rail Mill
  • Valve Drilling Units (for stuck valve remediation)
  • Single and Multi-String Hot Tap Tools
  • Slot Cutters & Casing Jacks
  • Torque Tools
  • Stud Cutters

AES stands proud of our proven ability to apply simple, efficient solutions to complex problems. For more information, please contact us at: 337-552-2353.