Safety Programs

The Alliance Energy Services Safety Mission and Vision

Safety Mission:

Create a safe and caring culture where all involved in our operations return home better educated as safety minded individuals.

Safety Vision:

Create a truly great company – a company where safe quality workmanship is the norm; where we can strive to be the best we can be, and where great things are accomplished.

Achieving safety excellence requires going beyond the traditional safety focus of engineering and regulations. Because human behavior is a contributing cause to most incidents and injuries, safety excellence can only be achieved by addressing the human dimensions of safety. Therefore reducing at-risk behavior and increasing safe behavior requires understanding how these behaviors are motivated.

Safety Program Components

Behavior Based Safety (BOSS)

Alliance Energy Services' behavior process approach should empower employees to be more actively involved in specifying, defining, and assessing correct safety practices. Safe behaviors are defined and objectively described through observation so that it is clear to all parties (management and workers) exactly what the employees should do and how they should do it. These expectations will be documented. Employees will be randomly observed and both safe and at risk behaviors will be defined and measured to positively identify areas in need of improvement. This employee-based process should increase behavioral awareness and motivate worker adherence to our safety performance standards.

Behavioral Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (BJSEA)

A Behavior Job Safety Environmental Analysis (BJSEA), as the name implies, is designed for analyzing a job, specifically in the area of actions or behaviors related to health, safety, and environment hazards and risks toward the ultimate objective of eliminating the likelihood of workplace incidents. BJSEA emphasizes the key tasks of the job, energy source identification associated with each job task, hazard identification and risk assessment, and actions. BJSEA is also critical to improving communication above and beyond procedures already in place.

Short Service Employee Program 

To ensure that the Alliance Energy Services' short service employees are identified, appropriately supervised, trained, and managed in order to prevent accidents such as personal injury, injury to others, environmental damage, or property damage.

SSE Definition: any Alliance Energy Services employee with less than 6 months of service in the same job type with his/her present employer.

Crew Makeup:

  • Single person crew cannot be an SSE
  • Crew sizes of less than five shall have no more than one SSE
  • Crews that have more than 20 percent SSE personnel shall only be permitted with written Variance Form.

Quarterly Employee Gatherings

Engagement opportunities for Management and Vessel Officers to exchange information on operational issues, safety and environmental statistics, as well as ways to enhance safety aboard all Alliance Vessels.

SEMS Compliance

Alliance Energy Services has developed a comprehensive Safety Management System comprised of many elements, which support our customers SEMS programs. In addition to the customer support, our SMS was developed in an effort to promote safety and environmental protection. This comprehensive Safety Management System supports all 13 critical SEMS components, as well as the complex interactions among these components.